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Psychological services for organisations and businesses in Dundee and throughout Scotland

Working with Dundee's businesses and organisations

First Psychology Dundee works with Dundee's businesses and organisations to support the psychological well-being of Dundee's people.

Employee counselling, CBT and psychological therapy; promoting wellbeing at work; and services to enable rehabilitation of employees

First Psychology Dundee offers employee counselling, CBT and psychology therapy services to support staff in the area of mental health and wellbeing.

We also help employers promote wellbeing at work through training and development services on a range of topics as well as providing occupational health psychological assessments to help employers work effectively with employees requiring additional support as a result of mental health difficulties.

First Psychology Dundee delivers these services to Dundee businesses and organisations as part of our national brand, First Psychology Assistance. With locations throughout Scotland we are also able to support Dundee-based businesses and organisations with staff located more widely.

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Working in partnership with Dundee-based businesses to promote wellbeing

First Psychology Dundee is always delighted to work in partnership with Dundee-based businesses and organisations to provide self-funded counselling, CBT and psychological well-being services to staff and clients. As an independent, expert provider we are able to offer a trustworthy solution for individuals, couples and families seeking independent counselling or psychological support.

We have an annual programme of wellbeing events in Dundee that we are always delighted to promote in partnership with Dundee businesses and organisations, adding value for staff and clients.

Find out more about how we can work with your business / organisation

To discuss how we might be able to work in partnership with you, please call us on 03330 344115 or use the contact form on this page.