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Psychotherapy in Dundee With an Experienced Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy involves talking with a practitioner with the aim of addressing any specific issues or difficulties you are having. It is a deep process that looks at recurring patterns and issues. In the psychotherapy session, you will be asked to focus on your childhood and other relevant and challenging life events. Your psychotherapist will work with you to explore these events and to help you recognise how they may have set patterns and difficulties in your current behaviour. You then work with your therapist on finding alternative ways to cope.

The psychotherapy process – a deep therapy approach for behaviour difficulties

Psychotherapy is a deep process which aims to change the cause rather than the symptoms of the problem. Sessions can therefore continue for a year (or more), providing clients with regular, consistent support. Although some clients start psychotherapy from the outset, many move on to psychotherapy following counselling. This is usually because issues have surfaced during counselling that are more persistent and complicated than first thought and therefore require further exploration. Psychotherapy is helpful for behaviour difficulties such as avoiding intimacy, chronic feelings of things not being ‘right’ and difficulties coming to terms with loss, among other things.

Psychotherapy does not mean lying on a couch

Psychotherapy has, in the past, been associated with clients lying on a couch and talking while the psychotherapist remains silent. Although this type of therapy, known as psychoanalysis, does still take place, the majority of psychotherapists do not work in this way (none of our practitioners work like this). This means psychotherapy is a lot less intimidating and far more accessible than it used to be.

How do I find out more about psychotherapy or make an appointment to see a psychotherapist?

If you would like to know more about coming for psychotherapy or wish to book an initial session with a psychotherapist, please contact us.