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Workaholic is a term often attributed to someone who spends so much time at work that they seem to have little time for anything else including their families, friends, or doing enjoyable and relaxing activities. In some cases, people even struggle to eat and sleep properly. Workaholism is therefore quite serious as it can lead to physical and psychological problems, relationship problems and more. Workaholism is characterised by a need to keep busy, often even when the extra work does not affect overall outcome or performance.

Causes of workaholism

People often work long hours to demonstrate their commitment to their employer and will continue to do this no matter what effect it is having on their own family and health. This behaviour often stems from worries about job loss. However often people who work excessive hours do so to avoid problems in other areas of their lives, such as relationship problems with their partner or family problems.

Dealing with workaholism at home

If you are working excessive hours because you are overwhelmed by your workload or worried about losing your job, then it is important to speak to your manager at work about your concerns. They may be able to reassure you or help you plan your work so you are no longer overloaded.

However, if you think you may be avoiding other problems, it is important to think about what they might be and then to confront your fears. You may benefit from speaking to your partner about your concerns or you may feel that seeking professional help to work through some of your difficulties would benefit you.

As you begin to deal with underlying issues, you will start to feel more comfortable about spending time away from your work and be able to find enjoyment in other parts of your life.

Further information about workaholism

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