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Online therapy & coaching 

Online and Telephone Therapy and Coaching

Our online, email and telephone therapy and coaching service can be helpful for clients who find regular, face-to-face meetings difficult to manage. This may be for a number of reasons, but can be particularly useful for clients who travel around for work or for people who live and work some distance from our centres.  

Online therapy

Online therapy is similar to a normal therapy session in that you can see and hear your practitioner (and them you). Many of our practitioners have experience working with clients using online technologies and this type of therapy option has proven particularly popular for clients who find themselves unable to attend regular face-to-face sessions due to working patterns, mobility issues, or living/working in a remote location.

How our email therapy and coaching service works

Our email service can work in one of two ways:

  • A real-time exchange where you and your practitioner both agree a date and time to sit down at your computers and correspond by email for a period of 50 minutes.
  • A delayed-time exchange where you and your practitioner ‘meet’ for a session over a period of time. Over this time, say a week, your practitioner then spends 50 minutes reading and responding to your emails.

Our email service is subject to the same contracting and fee arrangements as the other therapies we offer. It is possible to undertake both email therapy with face-to-face therapy and indeed, we have found this combination to be most beneficial when using email technology for therapy.

Telephone therapy and coaching

Telephone therapy operates in the same way as a regular face-to-face session. The only difference being that you and your practitioner will arrange a date and time to talk by telephone. More and more clients are opting to work this way as it can be highly effective.

Further information and booking

Our online therapy service is available via First Psychology Online. Please visit our sister website First Psychology Online for further details.